What makes your jam and jelly better? We use real fruit which is fresh when it comes into our kitchen and we use a lot of it! We don't add fillers, or corn syrup, or things you can't pronounce.
I noticed that shipping is a separate cost. Yes, we are a small business and made a decision to charge our actual cost of shipping. Our product is heavy because it contains a lot of fruit and/or peppers in a glass canning jar. Big businesses get breaks from the carriers for volume. With your customer support, one day, we will be one of the big guys.
Other jam and jelly is more expensive, why is yours more reasonable? Bigger companies have bigger overhead, ours is low, it's just Mark and Holly doing it all. We ask for an honest profit and know that our customer satisfaction will grow our business.
How long will my jam and jelly keep? Our sealed, unopened jars, will last 18 months in a cool, dark place such as your kitchen pantry or cupboard, from the date of manufacture. It is not recommended to keep these products in a hot place such as the garage, or in direct sunlight as this can effect the flavor and color.
How long will it stay fresh once I open my jars? Your opened jars should be refrigerated. We recommend you use them within 30 days, but they have been known to last up to three months. Our customers tell us they don't last that long once they taste them, they enjoy them quickly!
What if I don't like my purchase? Our commitment to our customers for the last seven years has always been "we will make it right." And we will, you have our word on it.
What if there is something wrong with the product? Please notify us immediately. Food safety is our first concern and we practice the highest levels of cleanliness and processing, including being licensed by the State of Texas and operating in a commercial kitchen. We will address the issue immediately.
What if I want to give this as a gift? Just tell us in the Special Instructions and we will not include the invoice with your order. If you want a special note with the gift, tell us and we will make it happen.
What size are the jars? We sell our products in 8 ounce jars.
When was my jar of jam made? We make our jam when the fruit if fresh to give you the best flavor experience possible. The date of manufacture is clearly printed on your product label. We rotate our stock regularly so that it does not stay on our shelf very long. If you are not happy with the shelf life left for your product when you receive it, please let us know.
My jar is not filled to the top. Why? In order to seal the jar for food safety, we have to leave an air gap called "head space." As we boil the filled jar in water, the air inside the jar expands, then it contracts as it cools and pulls the lid inward to seal. That's what causes the "pop" sound you hear when you remove the lid. Without that space, the jar would break during processing.